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Swiss Hail sagl is a company specialising in repairing damage to motor vehicles caused by hailstones or minor impacts (dents or minor impacts).

Using professional techniques and equipment, damaged bodywork can be repaired without having to resort to painting or replacing parts.   

Precision machining provides significant cost savings for customers as well as an environmental benefit because no waste is generated and there is no chemical pollution.   

Professional equipment

The use of top-of-the-range equipment allows complete body repair

All dents are treated individually using specialised equipment that means the surface is resumed to its original state, without any bumpy areas or spikes.

There is no trace of the repairs, which is why Swiss Hail’s intervention is guaranteed, including for new and/or luxury cars.

Swiss Hail has been supplying specialised personnel to body shops and car dealerships throughout Switzerland and abroad since 2001.

Often, especially in the summer months when hail damage is very frequent, body shops and dealerships are unable to respond effectively to market demands due to a lack of manpower.  

Swiss Hail’s personnel are however equipped to be able respond in a very short time: our experts are able to travel to the vehicle location and carry out the repair work, usually with a quick turnaround time (1-2 days).

Swiss Hail’s staff is also available to work on surfaces for private individuals at home.

For private individuals in Switzerland, Swiss Hail carries out home repairs provided that the customer has suitable premises.

Free quote

Please contact manager Roberto Mottinelli, who will be able to provide you with all the information you need to proceed with your required repair work, from practical through to logistical aspects.

The cost of repair works for small dents can be calculated by submitting photographs of the damage, whereas hail damage will be calculated in person.

In order to estimate the cost of repairs, all damage and small dents to bodywork will be assessed in order to have them promptly repaired.

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Swiss Hail personnel can reach any part of Switzerland and Europe, guaranteeing their expertise and precision and providing support and advice in Italian, French and English.

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